Welcome to Jannat Al Assi Club Rafting

Jannat Al Assi Club and Restaurant is located at Al Assi river at Al Hermal city, it is 140 kilometers away from the capital Beirut.

River rafting is a natural adventure that is practiced by many thrill seekers. It is filled with rushes and includes navigating in a rubber boat in fast moving waters and in slow currents.
Although blue-water rafting is considered thrilling, wild, and an exciting adventure, it is not considered dangerous in any way, because of the nature of the smooth river and its none rocky bottom.

The Tour begins with the instructor’s company where he gives few advises and tips about rafting and how to practice this sport.
At the end of this trip a bus will be waiting for you to get you back to the club where you can get a taste of our delicious food at our restaurant.
The meal will be including Fresh Trout Fish which is known to be housed in large quantities at Al Assi River.
In Addition to all of this, you can enjoy an amazing view and all of our activities by booking in our Chalets, where you can spend your night and enjoy “Fire Camping”.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunset at our club where you can enjoy yourself and have a great time after you’ve had a long day full with adventures.