Rafting is probably the most exciting of summer leisure sports.

Rushing down river valleys in rubber boats gives the feeling of eternal freedom – and plenty of excitement. Many thrill seekers enjoy whitewater rafting for its adventure, but there is also quiet rafting and gentle river rides to be enjoyed.



Safety Rules


Everyone is advised against drinking alcoholic beverages before rafting.


What To Bring


Dress : You will need extra clothes, shoes and towels.(Long pants and long-sleeved shirts would be better due to sun exposure and cold weather)

Shoes : Being bare foot is very dangerous during the program so please put on comfortable shoes.

Accessories : All accessories and electric devices such as cameras and mobile phones should be left at the office during rafting. (Waterproof bags are available)




Distance from Beirut : 140 Km.

Distance from Assi bridge: 1 Km.

Rafting distance: 8 Km. Includes 5 waterfalls, (3 little waterfalls and 2 big ones), for 3 hours.

Rafting training : Professional instructor.

Gear: life-jacket, cask and oar.

Plus free pictures by a professional Cameraman.